• support for double click, right click, drag and drop and other mouse interactions (only Chrome driver)

  • support for Python 2.5

Documentation improvements

  • improved API docs

  • added docs for is_text_present method

  • added API docs for is_element_present_by_* methods

  • added docs for mouse interactions


  • simplified name of Selenium drivers, they’re just chrome and firefox now (instead of webdriver.chrome and webdriver.firefox). The older names were deprecated.

  • changed name of mouseover and mouseout methods to mouse_over and mouse_out


The following deprecated methods will be removed in the next splinter release (0.5) from Browser classes:

  • fill_in

  • find_by_css_selector

  • is_element_present_by_css_selector

  • is_element_not_present_by_css_selector