Why use Splinter?ΒΆ

Splinter is an abstraction layer on top of existing browser automation tools such as Selenium, PhantomJS and zope.testbrowser. It has a high-level API that makes it easy to write automated tests of web applications.

For example, to fill out a form field with Splinter:

browser.fill('username', 'janedoe')

In Selenium, the equivalent code would be:

elem = browser.find_element.by_name('username')

Because Splinter is an abstraction layer, it supports multiple web automation backends. With Splinter, you can use the same test code to do browser-based testing with Selenium as the backend and “headless” testing (no GUI) with zope.testbrowser as the backend.

Splinter has drivers for Chrome and Firefox for browser-based testing, and zope.testbrowser and PhantomJS for headless testing.